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hand-crafted in Oregon's Central Coast Range.



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Washed-Rind Cheeses


This 7-8 pound wheel of raw-milk cheese has been rubbed with extra virgin olive oil, Vietnamese cinnamon, dried chipotle peppers, and white pepper during its 4-month ripening process. An excellent cheese for melting and toasting, it won the judge's hearts with a second-place finish in the very first contest we entered it in.

♫ 2009 World Cheese Awards Silver Award Winner!
♫ 2009 ADGA Cheese Competition 2nd Place Winner!


Jupiter's Moon

A washed-rind cheese aged with Madrone Mountain's Late Harvest white wine and tied with wild nut grass, this cheese has a complex flavor that goes well with any dish.

Saint Olga

Our Saint Olga is made from raw milk and aged for a minimum of two months. We wash this cheese weekly in a brine using a local beer - Siletz Brewery's Oatmeal Cream Stout - resulting in the distinctive flavor, aroma, and the beautiful color of its rind. An excellent cheese for eating alone or cooking, Saint Olga has a complex flavor and a character all its own.
  ♫ 2007 ACS Festival of Cheese 3rd Place Winner!

Mayor of Nye Beach

A washed-rind cheese that we're quite fond of, square in shape but with a well-rounded flavor reminiscent of the best in French farmhouse cheeses. We use Rogue Brewing Company's "Dead Guy Ale" to wash the cheese as it ages for a minimum of two months.

♫ 2011 Good Food Awards Winner!
♫ 2010 ACS First Place Winner!

Illahee Tomme

In Chinook jargon, the word "illahee" means "of the land." We believe our coastal mountain browse plays a role both in the health of our herd and the taste of the fresh raw milk that we use to hand-craft this cheese.

We ripen our tomme for a minimum of six months. We rub the rind regularly with truffle oil in order to enhance the deep savory notes in this cheese.


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