Fresh and aged artisanal farmstead goat cheese
hand-crafted in Oregon's Central Coast Range.



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Fresh Chèvre                                  ♫ 2007 ADGA Cheese Competition 1st Place Winner!

We make our fresh chèvre weekly with pasteurized cultured goat's milk, rennet, and salt.

Available plain or in one of our signature tortes, hand-shaped rounds, or seasonal crottins.

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Basil Pesto              fresh basil, olive oil, garlic

Olive Tapenade       Spanish olives, artichoke hearts,
                                 garlic, olive oil, sweet red peppers

Sun-Dried Tomato   sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic,
                                 rice wine vinegar, crushed red chiles

Roasted Hazelnut    brown sugar, roasted hazelnuts,
and Frangelico         real vanilla, FrangelicoTM liqueur
♫ 2007 ACS Festival of Cheese 2nd Place Winner!

Honeybee Truffle      honey, white truffle oil

Rounds and Crottins

Up In Smoke (available year-round)
     smoked fresh chèvre, wrapped in smoked maple leaves
     which are spritzed with bourbon for extra smoky flavor
     ♫ 2009 ACS Annual Competition 3rd Place Winner!
     ♫ 2008 ACS Annual Competition 2nd Place Winner!
     ♫ 2008 WCMA World Competition 2nd Place Winner!
     ♫ 2007 ACS Festival of Cheese 3rd Place Winner!
     ♫ 2007 ADGA Cheese Competition 1st Place Winner!

Crottins de Saison
     fresh chèvre hand-ladled and drained into small crottins
     Spring/Summer: truffle oil, fresh herbs and edible flowers
     Fall: vine maple leaf wrapping, truffle oil
     Winter: truffle oil, pink peppercorns, wrapped in cedar

Marinated Cheeses

Confetti Moons (seasonal)
miniature rounds of chèvre marinated in olive oil, garlic, and a mix of fresh herbs
     ♫ 2007 ACS Festival of Cheese 1st Place Winner!

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