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Cheese Tips

All of our cheese will continue to ripen and develop after purchase. We recommend that you store your cheese in the refrigerator, in its original wrapping, until you are ready to eat it. Bring the cheese to room temperature before serving to maximize the flavor.

How to Serve Ripe Cheese

When our bloomy rind cheese is thoroughly ripened, the cheese will be very soft and the interior will have the consistency of heavy cream. At this point, you should not slice into the side of the cheese, but instead cut it open at the top and peel back the lid, as shown below:

Storing and Packaging Cheese

The wonderful flavors and textures of cheese are a result of the living organisms used in cultures and the naturally-occurring molds and bacteria that transform milk to curd, and curd to ripe cheese. Like anything alive, they need to breathe!  We wrap our cheeses in porous paper that protects them while allowing a small but essential airflow to reach the cheese inside.

For commercial use, we recommend purchasing wrapping materials that are specifically designed for optimal storage, whether selling whole cheeses or smaller wedges.

For the home, we find that waxed paper makes an effective wrap that keeps excess moisture from reaching the cheese, while still allowing it to ripen.  We try to avoid using plastic wrap, as it tends to be too much of a barrier; in addition, many plastic wraps have a strong chemical smell that may affect the flavor and aroma of the cheese. For small pieces of cheese, a bowl inverted over it on a saucer will work very well.

Keep all cheese refrigerated for best storage, and bring to room temperature before eating for best flavor.

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