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Bloomy Rind Cheeses

Rivers Edge Chèvre's bloomy rind cheese is a true surface-ripened cheese, like those produced in the French countryside. "Surface-ripened" means the surface mold grows and affects the interior of the cheese. When young, the cheese is smooth and dense; as it ages, it becomes creamy, and at peak ripeness the interior will have the consistency of cream, and be full-flavored, but with no ammonia aroma. Much of the bloomy rind cheese in the U.S. is being made with Geotricum as the "surface mold." Geotricum does not affect the interior of the cheese. The Geotricum cheeses dry out and get a flinty texture, and have a completely different texture and flavor than our cheese. When the cheese is fully aged, cut the top off the cheese, rather than slicing into it, and use the rind as a ready-made bowl to contain the fully developed cheese inside.

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Mary's Peak - a small pyramid with large flavor

Cape Foulweather
- an ash-coated pyramid

Humbug Mountain - a truncated pyramid with a dusting of ash
       ♫ 2007 ADGA Cheese Competition 2nd Place Winner!

Logs and Bricks

Valsetz - a bûche for immediate use or aging

Yaquina Bay Pavé - silky with piquant green peppercorns
        ♫ 2008 ADGA Cheese Competition 3rd Place Winner!

Euchre Mountain - a generous square with black peppercorns

Rounds and Wheels

Sunset Bay - an ash-coated wheel with a deep vein of paprika
        ♫ 2010 ACS 3rd Place Winner!
        ♫ 2009 World Cheese Awards Silver Award Winner!

        ♫ 2008 ADGA  Cheese Competition 1st in Category!
        ♫ 2008 ACS 2nd Place Winner!
        ♫ 2008 WCMA World Competition 2nd Place Winner!
        ♫ 2007 ADGA Cheese Competition 3rd Place Winner!

Full Moon - a medium round that glows with taste

Siltcoos -
an ash-coated round topped with a swirl of fern frond
        ♫ 2011 Good Food Awards Winner!
        ♫ 2008 ADGA Cheese Competition 3rd Place Winner!

Puck - a large mellow brie-style cheese


Siletz River Drums - drums that ripen with a creamy tang

Hearts and Crottins

Petite Bonheur - a tender heart full of pink peppercorns

Heart's Desire - a smoky, luscious heart coated with paprika

Siletz River Stones - crottins studded with green peppercorns

Old Flame - a silky, dense heart-shaped cheese

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