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hand-crafted in Oregon's Central Coast Range.



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We've had the honor of receiving awards from several national and international food, cheese and dairy organizations, including the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), the  American Cheese Society (ACS), the  Wisconsin Cheesemaker's Association (WCMA), the World Cheese Awards, and the Good Food Awards. Look for these award-winning cheeses at retail and specialty stores, or call us to place a telephone order.


This raw-milk aged cheese is rapidly becoming renowned for its spicy, savory flavor and smooth texture. Rubbed with Vietnamese cinnamon and chipotle peppers, this is an excellent cheese for melting or eating out of hand. The judges at the 2009 ACS competition agreed, and gave this cheese 2nd place in its category. Also in 2009, Astraea won a Silver Award at the international World Cheese Awards, sponsored by the Guild of Fine Foods.



Ash-coated and fern-topped, this bloomy rind cheese won 3rd place in the 2008 ADGA competition. More recently, it was one of two of Rivers Edge Cheeses honored by a 2011 Good Food Award in the first year of that competition.



Up In Smoke

These lovely balls of smoked fresh chèvre have been  featured on the Martha Stewart Show and are a best-selling item at Murray's Cheese in New York City. Many Northwest and California restaurants feature Up In Smoke on their cheese plates. This cheese won top honors three years in a row (2007 ACS 2nd place, 2008 ACS 2nd place, 2009 ACS 3rd place; 2007 ADGA 1st place; 2008 WCMA 2nd place)


Sunset Bay

This fantastic cheese has won awards from the very first. The ash coating and Spanish pimentón paprika combine to give Sunset Bay a luscious, creamy bite. Winning the AGDA 2008 First In Category, our Sunset Bay also scored 2nd place in the 2008 ACS and WCMA competitions. In 2009, we were awarded a Silver Award in the World Cheese Awards for this cheese, and a 3rd place award in the 2010 ACS competition.


Yaquina Bay Pavé

This slow-ripening brick is studded with green peppercorns. Whether you eat it when it's young and firm, or wait until it's an unctuous creamy paste, you'll always enjoy our Yaquina Bay. The judges did at the 2008 ADGA competition, awarding it 2nd place.


Mayor of Nye Beach

Introduced in late 2009, this washed-rind cheese quickly became popular with customers and judges alike, winning first place at the 2010 ACS competition, and getting a 2011 Good Food Award, one of two that Rivers Edge won in this inaugural competition.

Other Awards

Our fresh chèvre took 1st place at the 2007 ADGA show, and that same year our Hazelnut Torte received 2nd place at the ACS show. Also in 2007, Humbug Mountain took 2nd place at the ADGA show, our seasonal Confetti Moons placed 1st at the ACS competition, while our St. Olga placed 2nd.

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