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November's cheese of the month: our nationally-renowned smoked fresh chèvre.

To make our Up In Smoke, we start by wandering through the woods that border the pastures, gathering big-leaf maple and vine maple leaves, often with the company of the goats, who are always curious about what we're doing out in the fields with them. We wash the leaves and smoke them for several hours to dry them out, then we hand-shape our fresh artisanal chèvre into balls and smoke them over the same alder and hickory chips. After they've picked up that marvelous autumn aroma, they're ready to be wrapped in the smoked maple leaves, which we've spritzed with a bit of bourbon for flexibility and that additional hint of smoky flavor.

♫ 2009 ACS Annual Cheese Competition 3rd Place Winner!
♫ 2008 ACS Annual Cheese Competition 2nd Place Winner!
♫ 2008 WCMA World Competition 2nd Place Winner! 
♫ 2007 ADGA Cheese Competition 1st Place Winner!

  ♫ 2007 ACS Festival of Cheese 3rd Place Winner!

While Up In Smoke is available year-round, we often run low on maple leaves in the late winter or early spring. If this happens, we will be using smoked salal leaves instead; salal is a native Northwest evergreen shrub with large leaves and edible berries.

Average weight: 5 ounces*

*Note: Because we hand-ladle and hand-pack our cheeses, the individual weights will vary.

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     An Illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Trees
     Howard E. McMinn & Evelyn Maino, University of California Berkeley, 1935

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